The Spirit War

Cover of the Spirit War by Rachel Aaron. Picture of a man standing on the side of a mountain by Sam Weber.
Art by Sam Weber. Click through to read a preview on Amazon!

Title: The Spirit War

Series: The… Chronicles of Eli Monpress? 1

Author: Rachel Aaron

Nutshell: Eli Monpress is looking for his next big score, and checking on his slowly burgeoning bounty, when he gets a shock. The most ordinary member of his crew is now the most wanted. The island nation, Osera, is offering the entire worth of their country for Josef. What’s more, Josef is turning himself in.

Meanwhile, Miranda Lyonette is finally getting some answers from the shapers. Answers that point to a dark conspiracy surrounding the very nature of reality. If only people would stop having their regular old wars, she could get some serious progress made on saving the world.

Readalikes: I’ve still only got Stormlight and the Codex Alera for you.


I’m starting to wish I owned these books. My favorite books are the ones that know how to blend humor and danger. The ones that remind you that it’s okay to find amusement even when facing certain death. A lot of Epics forget that. All the characters are Game Face On all the time. I find this tedious.

I do not find Monpress tedious. Possibly dangerous for my productivity, but not tedious. I like the rogue, and the rogues he runs with. I like the way everyone has their own goals that overlap in places and butt heads in others. I like how complicated the relationships are. I like how far Mrs. Aaron has delved into the consequences of her world-building. I like…

I like this book.


1 Not the first book, so some spoilers for preceeding books. See HERE for my review of the first three books in this series.

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