Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports

Cover of Saving the World by James Patterson. Art of two teens standing back to back by Larry Rostant.
Art by Larry Rostant. Click to read an excerpt!

Title: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports

Series: Maximum Ride, book 3 (Spoilers ahead for preceeding books. Use discretion.)

Author: James Patterson

Nutshell: Maximum Ride, winged and sassy, is determined to save the world, if only so that people will leave her alone. She has the name of the big bad corporation, and an inkling of their evil plan. All she has to do now is foil it. Her assets are: Five other bird kids with various secondary powers, a talking dog, a reject wolfman, a schizophrenic hacker, a voice in her head, and a sarcastic bad attitude. Isn’t that all you need?



Can we all just take a minute to enjoy that title? Such a good title. Equal parts sassy and informative.

I enjoyed this book a lot more than the previous ones. Probably because I got actual answers. Mostly. There’s still a lot of inconsistent behavior on the part of the evil scientist corporation overall. Once they had hologram technology, but then it disappeared. They created Max and crew to survive through their apocalypse plan, and then cloned them, and then decided to throw away the biddable clones, along with all other recombinants. Except that they kept a few of the newest, most useful for war recombinants. For their war-free utopia. It’s like Aperture Science but on steroids. If Max had been sarcastic about it, I would have found it easier to accept, but because she just took on whatever came at her as though “of course they would do this” I was exasperated.

I’m thinking too much about my unresolved questions (Why, if she was Max’s mother, would she have a picture of Gazzy?) and not enough on what I liked.

I liked how much snarkier Max got as things went in. And how obviously the bad guys were pretty much a card house just waiting to be blown over. (With this much inconsistency, it’s surprising they even needed Max.) I liked how the heros stayed consistent, both in their characters and with what they had at their disposal, and used it effectively. At least some people know how to apply their advantages.

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