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What’s Here

Ah, the blog introduction. The part where I awkwardly introduce myself (I’m Joy.) to the faceless new readers and passers-by. I follow this up with some things about myself (Married. Three children. Occasionally snarky.), attempting to say these in an interesting way, rather than sounding like the introductions on Wheel of Fortune. Then I’ll say something about how God has given me a passion for reading, a love of quality, and a desire to share things I like with, generally, everyone within earshot. If I successfully squeak past that, I might say something about what I’m doing here.

I’m here to tell people about books I enjoy. I don’t feel as if I’ve finished a book until I’ve shared it with someone I think will enjoy it. I have been known to stand in the aisles of the library watching what people pick out and jumping in, “Oh, that’s alright, but have you tried…” So far, nobody’s reported me to any authorities.

I also like to connect people to books like their favorites. I categorize and classify books in my head extensively, and usually I can name a title that someone can check out “if you liked that.”

This blog isn’t going to have much of a focus, since what I like is making connections. (I’m like a matchmaker, but I introduce people to the other thing that goes to bed with them. Besides pets.) I expect it to have a review of every book that I read and enjoy. I read fairly widely from Science Fiction and Fantasy, and more narrowly from the Classics, Historicals, and Mysteries. You can see the “What you won’t find” page for my policy on negative reviews as well as a brief guide to the sorts of books I don’t like.

Still reading? Let me tell you about what each review looks like.

There are two sections: The nutshell and the ramblings. In the nutshell, I’ll give you the basics. The lowdown. The skinny. And any other outdated lingo that applies. Title, Author, and a spoiler-free synopsis that hopefully hints at the tone of the story. Some suggestion of appropriate audience might be here, and then I’ll give titles and authors that are similar in style or in content. If that’s enough for you, then you can proceed without passing go to your nearest library, independent bookstore, or preferred book acquisition avenue. (Note: This blog is written primarily for grown persons, and though I read and enjoy books written for a younger audience, I do not go to great lengths to make age distinctions for either the reviews or the recommendations. I will note when content might be an issue even for a grown person, in terms of language, violence, or intimate acts. If you are looking for recommendations specifically for a younger person, please try my Goodreads lists.)

If you’re on the fence, or you just like reading about reading, you can read the ramblings. That’s where I’ll talk about things that stood out to me, whether they’re points I enjoyed or things that hold the book back. (It’s okay to enjoy a book that isn’t perfect! Just like it’s okay to be friends with people who aren’t Batman.) Spoilers, if they happen in this section, will be politely hidden from view. (There isn’t really a place where spoilers will be just standing around waiting to impale unsuspecting eyeballs. I prefer civilized spoilers to Spartans with spears.)

And whether you’re on the fence still or want to just jump right in, most reviews have a Kindle preview tucked behind the picture. (Some previews were unavailable; those links go through to where you can read the preview on Amazon directly. [Note for legals: I am becoming “a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.” which means that if you buy something on Amazon after clicking through from me, I might get a couple dollars.])

And that’s the blog introduction, folks!

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